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Indonesia TG-2 900t/d Float Glass Line Project
This line, the largest float glass one in capacity in Indonesia, started up in March, 2007. Its pull is 900t/d. Gross ribbon width is 5.2 meters. Indonesia government and the owner have a good opinion of it. Mr. President Susilo attended start-up ceremony, signed his name for the start-up and operation of the project.
India HNG 600t/d Float Glass Line Project
India HNG 600t/d Float Glass Line, with pull capacity 600t/d, gross ribbon width 4 metes and thickness 2-12mm, is one of the float glass lines having the highest level of equipment and automation in India. In this project, CTIEC has undertaken the whole process including engineering design, plant supply, engineering and installation technical guidance, fire-up and start-up. It is a product of full cooperation with a number of international well-known glass companies.
Vietnam 350t/d Float Glass Line
This is a turnkey project of CTIEC, fired up and started up in October, 2002, and produces 3-12mm thick clear, gray, green and bronze glass. 100% of glass are architectural grade glass and 81% are mirror grade glass by Japanese standard JIS R 3202-1996. This project is praised as an example project of the year 2002 of Vietnam Construction Ministry.
Vietnam 120t/d horizontal drawing and rolled glass line
This is a project having two lines sharing one furnace (horizontal drawing glass line and rolled glass line). The horizontal drawing glass line pulls 50-70 tons of glass per day, and glass thickness is 2-10mm.The figured glass line pulls 50-80 tons of glass per day, and glass thickness is 3-8mm.

              Egypt 120t/d figured glass line                               Bangladesh 100t/d glassware and 20t/d tubng lines

        Myanmar sodium silicate line                               Yemen l20t/d horizontal drawing glass line
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