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Turkey CNK Line 2 Project 6000t/d
Turkey Akcansa 6000t/d clinker cement production line (2006) has been successfully put into operation on May 2008 and the contract has been completely executed. This project was invested by Heidelberg Cement Group (Germany) and Sabounchi Group (Turkey), under European technical standards, with 100% petrol coke as fuel, and export equipments have passed CE certification. The project obtained completion and acceptance and was delivered after 23 months from the Effective date of the Contract. The technology has overfulfilled the production target and was favorably reviewed by Owner.

Kazakhstan Mynara1 3000t/d Clinker Cement Production Line
Kazakhstan Mynaral 3000t/d Clinker Cement Production Line (contract signed in 2007) is a complete EPC project. This cement plant is a joint venture invested by Vicat Group (France) and Kazakhstan local company. This project was fired up on November 14, 2010 and started production of cement on November 20.

Vietnam Nghi Son 5800t/d Cement Production Line Project
The Vietnam Nghi Son 5800t/d clinker cement production line project was carried on in 2007 which was invested by Japan Taiheiyo Cement Corporation. This project was a new breakthrough of cooperation between CTIEC and Mitsubishi. The project is a modern cement production line under Japan technical standards, with 100% anthracite as fuel. The project was execuated under the strict control of the famous Taiheiyo Cement Consulting Company, and represents the highest level of engineering requirements in the world. This project was successfully put into operation in March 2010.
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